Sprites for creating characters for your games

More than one hundred sprites of animated freedom fighter in pixel art ready to give a hard time to foes. 53 sprites: standing (+turning), running, crouching (+turning), jumping, flying (with jetpack), death x3 and idle (impatient), 4 kinds of bullets, 2 explosions, Fx: hit, jetpack reactor, fire flare →101 graphic assets for arcade shooter/plateformer Character: […]

Design Your Games with Tileset

Tilesets from world tileset series, to create your own 2D retro adventure/platform game or shoot’em-up. Those game assets called tileset are the graphics that make up a tile map. Egyptian temple: Various tiles for foreground and background (best for parallax!) from 16×8 to 32×32, Animated broken floor, Animated item: bonus star, Animated fire x 2 […]

Affordable Game Assets ready-to-use

You will find there links to affordable game assets and many other ready-to-use graphic assets related to game development. Those game art packs are for both commercial and personal productions. All you need for eye-catching prototypes without paying too much on the Itch.io marketplace ▼ Make your projects look good with affordable game assets ▼ […]