Design Your Games with Tileset

Egyptian tileset for games

Tilesets from world tileset series, to create your own 2D retro adventure/platform game or shoot’em-up.

Those game assets called tileset are the graphics that make up a tile map.

Egyptian temple:

    • Various tiles for foreground and background (best for parallax!) from 16×8 to 32×32,
    • Animated broken floor,
    • Animated item: bonus star,
    • Animated fire x 2 (floor + ceiling),
    • FX: animated sunbeams (godlight),
    • Ladder,
    • Pilar,
    • Sand (in corners),
    • Statue,
    • Trap: spike,
    • Ui: heart + gauge bar

→ This pack features 83 graphic assets

Looking for another 2D retro adventure/platform game? Climb the wall of steep rocky cliffs with Sky mountains.

    • Various tiles for foreground (grounds, plain textures, borders,…),
    • Rock face with entry/exit cave,
    • Rocks,
    • Wooden Bridge (to build),
    • Tree + leaves,
    • Cloudy sky (tileable background),
    • Mountain (tileable mid-background),
    • Animated broken stone bridge,
    • Animated rocklift,
    • Animated fall + top,
    • Animated enemy crow (idle, fly and attack),
    • FX: fog

→ This tileset pack features 79 graphic assets

FREE game assets: lots of the tiles are seamlessly-tileable: desert, grass (+borders), lava (+borders), bridge, crater, volcanic crater, destroyed house… and of course a crashed spaceship !

→ This asset pack features about fifty 32×32 tiles

Check this out if you are looking for more game assets!

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