About me

Hey there!

I grow organic pixels in the Loire Valley, France for graphic design, games and stuff (^o^)

Back in the 16bit computers era I started to draw with bitmap softwares such as Deluxe Paint or Brilliance on Commodore Amiga, the pixel addiction began and I have never stopped since then.

Please use the contact form for additional information and requests, also on X/Twitter

Published games (featuring organic pixels):

Brad Mitchum (lost in time) | Arcade/Pang like for PC/MAC/smartphone/ipad

Crazy Jack | Action/Platform game for smartphone + Nikko’s digiBLAST handheld console
Fight Cube Arena | Puzzle game/Tetris like for smartphone
Sudoku (is good for you) | Word game for smartphone

Mac Games and More
Throw Up | Arcade/puzzle game/Quarth like for PC/MAC/ipad
Zen Stones | Puzzle game for PC/MAC
Zen Stones HD | Puzzle game for PC/MAC/ipad

7arb (War) | Card game for smartphone
Carrom | Tabletop game for smartphone
Hangman (Words Pirates) | Word game for smartphone (featured in Encyclopedia Britannica)
Super XO | Puzzle game for smartphone (featured in Encyclopedia Britannica)

Phelios Games:
Antigen | Arcade/Shoot’em up for PC/MAC
Drip Drop | Puzzle game for PC/MAC
Global Warning (The Dump) | Environmental/Card game for PC/MAC
Kickin’ Soccer | Arcade/Sport game for PC/MAC
Nervous Breakdown | Arcade/Arkanoïd like for PC/MAC
Silver Gun | Arcade/Shoot’em up for PC/MAC

Legal EI: siret 510 873 144 00024
Hosting: PlanetHoster Montreal, CAN

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