Sprites for creating characters for your games

animated sprites for games

More than one hundred sprites of animated freedom fighter in pixel art ready to give a hard time to foes.

  • 53 sprites: standing (+turning), running, crouching (+turning), jumping, flying (with jetpack), death x3 and idle (impatient),
  • 4 kinds of bullets,
  • 2 explosions,
  • Fx: hit, jetpack reactor, fire flare

101 graphic assets for arcade shooter/plateformer

Cute animals with favorite food in pixel art:

  • Ape + banana,
  • Bear + honey/hive,
  • Cat + milk/box,
  • Dog + bone,
  • Squirrel + nut,
  • Square panel to make a grid/board,
  • Select

27 graphic assets for memory games or tile-matching game.

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